Thursday, 17 November 2011

Recent Thoughts

It is all feeding into itself. Things are becoming more defined as I go in several different directions having three esl students, two editing-proofreading jobs-one on design theory and consumerism....the other on population dynamics....two full days of the ed class that is a dull formality involving collecting and binding together numerous xeroxes and class, jewelry class, ceramics class, then the actual real live painting of ceramics for commercial sale. and then looking after the babby who is no longer a babby. He's seven. Making sure he doesn't overbid on things on ebay. And now, even Saturday is full up with the few hours working at Calthorpe with the 8 to 14 year old boys. and then a student at four pm for two hours. Things will chill out and thin out a bit after December. And for Ben's school, the principal said again in an unprompted enthusiastic tone, that yes, he'd be interested in my teaching something there...that we will discuss and I am best making a printed out plan of my intentions....artwise and I think now...most esl class for the students who need small group format. five or six maximum. that could be the niche for me really. no massive pgce certificate programme...just an inhouse esl teacher for the primary school level. I bet there's a need for that. Having the time pressure with the full schedule, I know what I like the best...I know this because I am unaware of the time when I am painting chinaware. I just want there to be more time. That is the key. That is what to look for. and also today reading through Michael's design articles...I could have stayed there all day. It was really enjoyable. that is the key. Stick to what you enjoy. And turn the bloody switch on the kiln and fire up those tiles. the gallery is interested. don't let them slip by. that's what I do. I get some interest and it is enough. I don't pursue it further. not lately. and look at this ....crap way to portray myself in cyber space...not exactly a marketeer am I? It's true. That was the bright flash I had today...that I would create a decent dyber prescence next year. Most obvious thing in the book...get a damn website. 

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