Monday, 7 November 2011

Stages of child development

Assignment 005

0-3 Months

Newborn babies do not understand what is happening to them. How does this impact on their development? They can easily feel overwhelmed. It is best not to overload newborns with too much activity.
They do not know that they are people.
They are basically happy when they are fed and they cry when they are hungry or in need of a cuddle.
Newborn babies can feel but not think, so they will pick up on the carer's feelings.
The human voice is important to them even though they do not know what you are saying.
Physically, the digestive system is still forming. Babies are only digesting milk or formula.
At this stage, sleep patterns vary greatly. Sucking and grasping are their main reflexes.
They are attracted to bright light, primary colours, patterns, dots and stripes.
Can lift head momentarily whiule on the tummy. Can't roll over or sit up.

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