Saturday, 10 December 2011

Pressing Buttons

Button theme today. Started with a blank calendar thinking of how busy people are. Lists, ticked boxes and then at the end of the week a button. All cleared, button and "press here to teleport to the weekend." Other versions....Press this button to eject the current government. Turn knob and import code to teleport to weekend. If you don't like weekends, adjust dial accordingly. Veronique is going to Paris in a few days' time for her sister's funeral, the one who smoked too much. She would like to take a government tile there to place somewhere near her sister's home. So it is applicable in many cases and changes meaning and emphasis according to where it is placed. My mother wants one. She is sick of Obama. An Obama blamer. Yeah buttons. some looking like the interior of a cockpit and some looking like oven knobs. Rob likes the Rob tile. Good. A roast chicken with Veronique today. Ben not well in bed at seven voluntarily. One week to get better. 

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