Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Soup, drill, saddle

A lovely potato soup with garlic, thyme, Greek basil, paprika, turmeric, and carrots, butter and milk. Wish I was sharing it with someone. I made it for the boys, but I bet they prefer pizza. A saddle purchased today for the painted bike. It's a Brooks B17 for the ladies, so it will be comfortable and outlast me. I started a letter to Ilya. Haven't seen him in years. He's in San Francisco at Ideo. Ben was just a baby the last time I saw him. Roy is coming over tomorrow. All set for the shoot. This is exciting to look through the books again and see them with new eyes. A ride up to Camden Town today and a new cordless drill purchased to put up the curtain rod and caulk...heavy duty caulk, not just any caulk. Every house needs a drill. Next will be blue paint to redo the hallway and paint over the pencil and marker Ben made years ago. Kevin is taking Ben and I to the Cars movie next weekend. I'd like to pop down to the seaside at some point. I've not been out of the city since April. Steve has made a list of technical questions about making the video. Americk and Arthur are sleeping over. It will be three in a bed. No need to start cleaning until they leave. They have been shooting birds with water pistols and playing outside on the bikes. I overheard Ben saying he was going to marry somebody. He is very future oriented. 

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