Saturday, 27 August 2011


Art video is coming together slowly but surely. The curator has not been in touch. Blurry dimensions as to when and how this is happening. Roy is good fun and has lots of stories. The biggest tv and the best sound system I've ever seen. I am technology poor. He used to be a limo bike rider for Virgin. This last visit, I brought Ben and he was in playstation heaven plus the cats who are part wild cat and eat microwaved steak for breakfast. I will not buy a playstation for Ben as I fear I would never see my child again except to take him to McDonalds. Kentish Town is good too. It's a relief to find a meal in a cafe for a fiver instead of the overpriced milky coffees of Holborn. It's been a slow and easy summer with no big trips. Camping is good and bad. I like being outdoors. But it's hard on the back. Inflatable air beds would be kinder, but not easy to pack. It has put me off the idea of trekking in the Sierra Nevadas in October. Glad I did all my travelling when I was younger. Ben has enjoyed the local playscheme nearly every day and I have read a few more Harlan Coben novels and got a bit of art done. Life is mundane but stable. I used to move on when things got stale, but now, this is the test. To live in one place. And the change only has to come from within. Roy thinks I'm recovering well from this breakdown. Maybe I'm impatient. Now, I'm invited to be a show about sex, but there is no sexy at the moment. 

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