Friday, 13 May 2011

What Happened?

Well. I woke up around midnight by a shorus of angels telling me I was a bit late for the end of the world, but there was still time...infact, It was going to end at 4:32 in the morning. It got weird. There was a whirlpool. The good angels were going up and the bad angels were going down into hell....and I was on the cusp...I was just holding on...and the good angels said...sorry. I''ll have to see you later. So I concentrated on my pathway to Hell as I was told that this pathway was going to be repeated into eternity. Dark things.

There I thought suddenly because of my very mild protesting, that the FBI and certain government groups had wired my flat and I was under surveillance. I was going down for being wasteful. Accounting for every sin .. INsanity. Then the people from NY were actually members of the KKK and were back...coming back to get me.

It was a bad bleeding fantasy. I imagined that we were going down. Babies that get shaken to death in metal containers. Where it came from, I don't know. But I became the mother of this person.I ran with Ben I told him I'd save him. I wrapped him in a blanket and took him to Tony's first, but there was a weird vibe. Then to. By this time, I was convinced that we were all going to be collected and tortured and then burnt up in smoke. I was trying to hide. It was like the holocaust. The nieghbors. I told them to turn off the tv. They called the school to come and see me. The lady who is the liason officer had a burn on her neck which just added to my idea that she was part of the torture gang.

Then finally I was convinced that this was not the end of the world and infact I was on a Big Brother type game show. I was then lead out in a wheel chair to an ambulance. To a hospital where I was waiting to meet a certain someone.

Something about being transported to the basement of Buckingham Palace. To be interviewed for the purposes of  marrying one of William's friends. But then, I was not accepted and then....they decided that my son was the Prince of Darkness and had to die in order to bring in the new I was in danger of being gang raped by the policemen in the basement. I kept pleading with him....Please...just kill me gently. Don't hurt me. Just kill me.

The thing is...this man was a police officer in the basement of Euston Hospital and really...all he needed to say was....don't worry. You are in Euston Hospital. But instead, he kept quiet and seemed a little amused by the scenario. Then they said they were going to transport me. I thought I was going to killed en route. But here I am now and I have just had an incredibly intricate night mare.

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