Friday, 8 April 2011

Whatever Day it Is

Whatever day it is, this is the first day I've put them up. I rode by yesterday and found a spot by the 38,19 bus stop that looked ideal. Met three people during this session. One guy from Slovakia at the bus stop. He'd like to help. And Peter helped adhere the first tile which is about the closure of playgrounds. He said...I wish there were more people like you doing this. I popped another near a zebra crossing on a disused island. It is low and might not be easily spotted on Lambs con...not on the Coram wall as it would be removed immediately. And a chat with someone from Hackney on his way home. He was happy to hear what I was doing..."That's the trouble. If they knew...if they had an inkling of how people feel...If you took a helicopter ride over london and looked into people's homes and saw how they lived....and what little they have....They have no idea. "He was seething in a calm way but seething. Sadly I have to take a break for a while. It's a start. Maurice in the La Porchetta had also seen the nanny message. A lot of people have. Alice too. Playscheme cuts are coming up in May....soon. But I'm away. I have to write in ...I think it's Henderson making the decision. All just cogs in the wheel. Passing the pound as opposed to the buck. 

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