Sunday, 13 March 2011

Getting Out

Voices at Queen E Hall with Vanita. dancing in my seat second band. Twang twang. Tempted to go to a club after, but had my own beach club going on.Vanita getting chatted up by the securtiy guard. Said all herbs will become illegal, even burdock, as of April 1st in the USA, drug capital of the world. After, a trip along the Thames beach picking up shards of china met two cool dudes from Poland. Marek and his mate. We had an instant disco with his ipod and headphones. It was cosy happy fun. Things got better after my bath at five. Train station in the morning and nice chat with a Welsh woman who lives on a farm with sheep. We might trade places sometime. Great mood. Fab day. Getting out. Sammys not made, but well. 

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