Sunday, 6 March 2011

Domestic Order

33 days since the twenty first of august has come and gone and come and gone again. Tidied today. Vanita was by after a truffle making workshop. Mudlarking next weekend. Might join her. Blog block--Run out of things to say or at least to share. Ben is sucking on a miniature plunger- a broken off part of a dalek. Gave Vanita a painting today. Glad she likes it. Don't have much faith in the possibility of selling these large collage canvases as no one has space for it. The again, one is shipping out in the next two weeks. Past due. I used to think they were beautiful but they just look like junk now. Time to let og of all the pretty papers. I'm going to concentrate on keeping the lego separate from the action figures for a while and just worry about domestic order. It's a hum drum time this part of winter. By the time you've got your shoes on, the sun has gone back in. I planted some parsely and some basil. My palm tree is coming back to life since I moved it inside. Vanita likes the rotating disco ball that plugs into the computer. It makes a grinding sound. I was going to toss it, but at least keep it for the party. Moved the sofa under the window. A change of scene for the living room. A little more sorting and House Beautiful will be by for a photo shoot. A spate of house swap and holiday offers this weekend. Venice with Elizabeth making a painting for a hotel. Greece whenever we like as long as they can stay  a week in Mid May. Cumbria for the Royal Wedding weekend. Might stay here. Might go. Long way to go for the weekend. 

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