Friday, 26 November 2010


Fiona fiddles with the remote. Technology has gone so far. FF, rewind, tm, emp, fmfb,hm, hmb, hmd km, lmc, lmn, pmn. So many functions. Where's the manual?
Finds manual. Print's too tiny. Oh batteries too. They ask a lot. Let's just put it down and use the buttons. I remember when tv's just had one or two knobs. Less choice....three channels we 13, 23 and 17. and on a good day if the weather was right, we could get PBS out of some ballet, get sum culture or something. Love boat, Gilligan's Island, MASH, and Fantasy Island. The Plane The plane. That and a grilled cheese sandwich with a cup of tea, my afterschool ritual. School ended at 3. Pom Poms 3 to 5 everyday. Thirty new routine every fortnight...Everybody's working for the weekend....Back in Black....Don't stop believing. Some songs stay in my head as we played them over and over again. drive home, eat, out again from 7 to 9 for ballet or modern dance. plus gym class makes five hours of dance or PE everyday.

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