Sunday, 28 November 2010


Ben bounced like a silver ball in a pinball machine through the Gauguin exhibit. Luckily Veronique and I will make a date to go again. V said she thought the colours had faded in the paintings. Possibly. It's hard to imagine that in such a vibrant place a Tahiti that his palette would be so dull more reminiscent of Degas somber cafe girls with green faces. Some treatment of the figures the same. Some fun with the gallery attendant. Ben had several questions for her. Do you sleep here? Don't you get bored on that chair? Invited her to our house. She gave up her seat and then Ben got busy telling the browsers to mind the rope. Gets involved. Got entertaining the people in Eat. Chats to everyone and why not..He is six and he can do that. And later in Ping Pong, we weren't sure if he could manage to sit still for half an hour before we got seated, but he was dub stepping in the cocktail lounge. ho ho. And even had a few appetizers. Still plain rice and butter or sushi he'll do. And sweet little kite that lasted half an hour along the river. Happy moments. Today unusually good kiddy party. They made things out of clay in a studio. I made a bird man jug. Talked with the kiln lady. Will be seeing her next year in class.

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