Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hard to get Ben out today, but got him to do his math and writing homework. V came over and we went to Jacksons Lane to see a one man show from the mime festival. Best part, he had a huge steel wheel that he got inside and rolled around on stage meanwhile juggling...each ball a different name of a past girlfriend, telling snippets of his life in prison...quite spotty...not sure if he really was....didn't make a convincing ex-con apart from the muscles....a dove coming down from the ceiling while he was playing guitar...sort of cabaret mixture. Italian. Tube down, but made it in time as they started the performance late because of it. Subway for Ben afterwards in Camden town. Told we had to leave after purchase...take away only. Not stepping out into the cold with a child who can barely hold one of those big sandwiches. Some police order about no seated customers after 8pm. No one else in the shop. Use your pea sized brain...look around. Is that really breaking the law? Eating a sandwich while standing up in a take-away? too bad.. Arrest me. Sort of attitude these sandwich makers have....why they never get ahead. I find rules like that extremely tedious and ever more present...and the people who have to enforce them get paid minimum wage. Pathetic. 

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