Sunday, 14 October 2012


Many travellers have passed through this year. From what I remember,  a Peruvian banker who had many tales. He opened my eyes to how life is in Peru. A very rigid social system. Maids and nannys who are not allowed to wear bathing suits at the beach. So he and his friends dressed up as servants and swam and played volleyball at the seaside in protest. A terrible bus system. Not a good infrastructure for the poor. And the middle classes having servants. They don't want their children to learn how to cook or wash dishes for fear that they will end up being servants themselves. He said he was surprised to see how people from all walks of life mix and mingle in the pubs of London. He studied at LSE for a year and learned how to do his own laundry. He then had an amazing tale about a girlfriend in Greece who was born on a sailboat half wait to Fiji. Her father abandoned them there on an island and they took ten years to get back to Greece where their home still stood on a mountain. They rebuilt it and still live there. Hmm.

The two philosophers from Milan. I was painting a philosopher's mug at the time for Carol's partner. It has a giant list of names painted all over it....and one for her son's poem which was brilliant. The guy from Denmark and his family, Jhoan from Caracas who worked at Central Bank. Now here for a year with his girlfriend. Mila from Australia who brought cheese from Holland. She was very cheery. The female lawyer from San Paulo. She invites us to the next Olympics. And Valentina and her lovely daughter from Naples. Somedays, school finishes at one o'clock. Hmm. Her husband's birthday cake sounded wonderful with even their kitchen tiles and desk and newspapers all replicated in edible sugar.


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