Saturday, 21 August 2010

Little Stick Man

Is this London?
No that was India.

That was not real.
That was real?
That was real.

I was still in some kind of twilight zone when I ran into the woman who looks like Shilan and she said she'd have a spare computer for me at the end of September.

Maybe that is what it's like to go there.
I will go just like I always wanted to--I reckon that might be the core of the world.

I just want to mess up his hair
I just wonder if....

No, if you can't hear, you are not are deaf.
Deaf and dead are different.

No, some months have more than 31 days...and some days have months inside them.
Such is the jumbled up duvet of time.

If you can't sell it, give it away.
If you can't give it away, sell it.
But if you have a secret, don't tell it.

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