Monday, 6 October 2008

Accidental Hooch

Accidnetally making hooch as my pineapple juice has gone off. Found some goat meat over the weekend. So goat stew today with Julia and Diana dropping by. A vague playdate arranged for Jacob and Ben. New Ikea carpets. Wall-E. Otherwise, slowly curling up in to hibernation setting for the winter. It doesn't seem to involve the gym as biking in the rain is enough. And everytime I think of going, there is something else just as strenuous to do at home or elsewhere. Time to declutter. and get a sketchbook to put all my memorabilia in. or a canvas. Missed the art london show as I don't seem to have a problem chatting up galleries. The problem is in having the work to show them. For now, just more ceramic painting. hot air balloons and faces seem to sell the best.

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